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none of these sound like a good idea on paper, right? Well if you have a hankering for pushing the boundaries of fashion feast your eyes on the best of the worst fashion trends being sold online below: You can blame Rihanna for this one - the shorts, suspender, leg warmer combination was released as part of her ‘Fenty Puma’ collection. The current season has tweaked the design and now added frills. In our wonderment at how or why you would wear these we turned to the Puma website to fulfil our desire to know why: “Return from last season with a new twist, the legs attach with stretchy satin suspenders. Snap them on for sweats that reveal an intriguing bit of leg. Or undo the snaps, lose the legs, and serve up sweet ruffle shorts.” Oh yeah, and they’ll cost you $300. Picture: PumaSource:Supplied Best leave this look to Rihanna. Picture: PumaSource:Supplied Now with added frills. Picture: PumaSource:Supplied This sexy number will set you back $50 from online retailer Beloved Shirts who very handily provided an explanation on why they manufactured this thing of beauty. “You couldn’t have asked for it, because you didn’t know you needed it, until you saw it.

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