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During the holiday season in particular, those retailers forced Toys R Us to compete on price, which hurt margins.  But throughout “myriad refinancings" (including one in 2016 that Moody’s deemed a distressed exchange), and multiple CEO turnovers, Toys R Us managed to maintain market share, relevance and generally solid liquidity, accordion to the report. “This has been one of the key factors that has kept the rating from dropping … even when factoring in its serial debt maturities and a quantitative profile” that has sometimes seemed to warrant a lower grade, according to Moody’s. “Throughout, Toys has held onto its position as the year-round destination toy retailer. It has also held up fairly well against the cutthroat holiday promotional environment that is spurred by Walmart, Amazon and Target, all of which deeply discount toys to drive web and store traffic. It also has strong vendor relationships with Hasbro and Mattel, which we believe have a vested interest in supporting Toys with exclusive product and in some cases favorable vendor terms. We cannot envision either of these key vendors benefiting from a toy retail segment led by three mammoth retailers that view the toy category as a seasonal traffic driver.” Turning to BJ’s, Moody’s says the wholesale membership-based retailer was saddled with some $2 billion in new debt from its leveraged buyout from private equity firms Leonard Green and CVC Capital Partners. In the aftermath of that sale, BJ’s metrics, (including debt and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) weakened significantly, but Moody’s took into account the retailer’s franchise strength and competitive position. “BJ’s competitive position remains formidable, and its operating performance has generally held steady,” Moody’s said in the report, adding that its B3 rating is due to the impact on its quantitative credit profile of a highly aggressive sponsor-driven financial policy.” More generally, Moody’s predicted that loan maturities will gather pace in coming months, with B2/B3 issuers facing a possible $1.1 billion in maturities in 2018, primarily for asset-based loan and revolver facilities. Issuers will be facing rising maturities at a time when maturity schedules are accelerating across industries and the default forecast for this sector is rising, Moody’s said.

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